Ben Peer trading school. Learn how to day trade and position trade.
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about us
Hello, my name is Ben Peer.

I began studying and evaluating price charts in the late 1980's and started software programming in the early 1990's.

Various types of software are available to download from this website.

Check out my trend evaluations of various currency pairings, metals and stocks, selected from the monthly, weekly and daily charts.

All software is designed for the MetaTrader 4 platform.
Conversions for MetaTrader 5 coming soon!

All software is free to download and use with paid membership.

The HYBRID TRADING SYSTEM is used for manual trading as well as automated trading, using a simple switch directly on the chart.

The CONSOLIDATION MANAGER is used to detect -
price consolidations, price congestions and trading ranges

A "must know" to avoid getting trapped by the market makers.

For over 35 years we have been analyzing price charts of all markets and timeframes.

Sign up for a 2-day chart-reading-course and learn the "language of charts".
This course is a MUST for trading software developers and manual traders.

Learn how to reduces or even eliminate the use of Indicators, Bands, Oscillators, Alligators and other tools, that market-makers can easily control and counter.