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Hybrid Trading System
This newly developed trading system does everything a trader will need to successfully and profitably trade.
A "must have" for all types of traders, beginners, intermediate levels and professionals.
A single installation trades all timeframes that MT4 offers and all symbols in your Market Watch List.

When in "manual" mode, the software offers two different layouts.
The "trend layout" and the "pro layout".
The "Margin Level" module keeps track of the available margin to keep you from over-trading and to preserve your trading capital.
The built-in lot calculation module calculates precise lot sizes for each trade, according to your risk configuration in the presets.
All necessary buttons needed to manually trade, are clickable on the chart itself, including the entire list of symbols in your Market Watch.

The Hybrid Trader also posts suggestions to buy or sell directly on the chart, when in manual mode.
The built-in price consolidation module warns you, when prices are about to congest or when a break-out can be expected.

The text output on the chart can be displayed in 4 different languages. English, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

View the pictures below and watch the video (coming soon) to get an idea what this software is all about.
Consolidation Manager
This Expert Software shows you when a trend most likely starts and when it most likely will end.
In order to make money in any market, a trend has to be present.
The CTrader Support EA tool recognizes

congestions and
trading ranges.

This software does not post any trading signals!
A must-have for manual traders that do not trust automated trading software.

It can be installed on any chart, regardless of the market.

It works on all charts like stocks, forex, crypto currencies, precious metals, indices, anything you are trading.

It will warn you when it is time to close a position or tell you that it is time to open a position.
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