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 |  May 28. 2023
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learn the language of charts
• Are you a trader who listens to and goes by the news media information?
• Are you a trader who has the charts loaded with indicators, hoping for a profitable trade-entry signal?
• Are you new in the trading business and want to become a successful trader?

Learn the Language of Charts which the professionals have used for decades to make huge profits.
We show you EVERYTHING you need to know to trade successfully.
Here you will learn:
  • How a price chart is created

  • The difference between "day trading" and "position trading"

  • The names of price bars, their meaning and what role they play

  • The difference between price consolidation/congestion and trading range

  • How to trade in price congestion/trading range

  • When (and why) prices break out of congestion

  • How to trade without the misleading media information

  • To only trade what you see on the charts, and not what you (or others) think

  • To trust your own judgment

  • How to control/eliminate your emotions like fear, hope and greed

  • How to keep losses small and maximize profits

  • The major entry signals

  • The minor entry signals

  • Placement of Stop-Loss and Take-Profit

  • Moving of Stop-Loss - when and where to. (loss management)

  • Which lot size to use (risk percentage - risk management)

  • When and why an open position needs to be closed

  • How to create a trading plan. (without a plan you will lose!)

  • Time management (don't become a slave to your work!)

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