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 |  May 28. 2023
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forex signals for manual traders
There are many forex signal providers to be found on the Internet, but no one can live up to our standards. Our state-of-the-art live signal window offers much more that just signals.
Lot-size calculator
Many traders have a problem determining the proper lot-size for a trade. We are aware of this problem and have added a calculation tool to our signal window which enables you to calculate the lot size for each provided signal.

You simply type your trading-account balance into the calculation window, and select a percentage of your account balance that you are willing to risk on a trade. (i.e. 2%)
The calculator will give you the precise lot size to trade with, taking the distance from entry-price to stop-loss, as well as the value of 1 pip of the traded currency pair in consideration.

Now you can sit back and watch because even if you get stopped out (which we hope not!) you will only lose the risk-percentage that you entered in the calculator (i.e. 2%) - regardless of how many pips you lost in the trade!
First try it - then buy it!
All members have the opportunity to try out the signal window for one full month - free of charge!
Take advantage of this offer and sign up today.

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