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 |  May 28. 2023
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"Trade what you see, not what you think" (or what anyone else thinks). Let us show you step-by-step, how to identify major entry signals, and how to filter them so that you trade only the best ones. Let us show you how to manage trades, risk, and your money when you trade these very lucrative price-bar formations. Whether you've been trading for years or you are just a beginner (or anywhere in-between), there is much basic information about the trading business that most traders do not know.
Forex Signals
The most sophisticated signal window on the Internet with real-time pricing, lot and risk calculator and live-charts. Try it for one month absolutely free of charge.
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Binary Options Signals
With binary options, trading just got a whole lot simpler. No need for SL, TP or draw-down, just timing and direction must be correct.
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Automated Trading
Stress-free automated trading with our scripts installed on your computer. We currently offer automated trading software for the MetaTrader 4 platform.
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PAMM Account Trading
At the end of the trading period, the profit gained for the PAMM account will be distributed between all participants (the investors) of the PAMM accounts. Our PAMM accounts are operated by money managers who are licensed in the European Union.
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The language of charts
• Are you a trader who listens to and goes by the news-media information?
• Are you a trader who has the charts loaded with indicators, hoping for a profitable trade-entry signal?
• Are you new in the trading business and want to become a successful trader?

Learn the Language of Charts which the professionals have used for decades to make huge profits.

Learn to select the proper lot-size for each individual trade, which seems to be a common problem among day-traders and position-traders. It is the most important thing to learn to avoid huge losses.

We show you everything you need to know in order to trade successfully, because we know: "a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing".
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visit our blog pages to read articles which may help you with your trading decisions. The articles are written by expert chart-readers with many years of experience in trading as well as teaching the "chart language"
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Economic Calendar
Every Sunday we update the economic calendar with events for the following week, that may have an impact on price movements of various markets.
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Lot-size calculator
A very common problem for traders is the selection of the correct lot size for a trade. If you are not sure how many lots to trade with, here is the perfect tool to avoid disaster in case prices move against your trading direction!
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